Full-Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System (FACIS): Introduction, Instrument Features, Testing Parameters, and Keynotes

Fig. FACIS-1 Instrument in Clinical Mycology Laboratory

Introduction of Automation System for Invasive Fungal Diagnostics/FACIS

Full-Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System (FACIS) is an open system to detect the content of endotoxin, (1-3)-β-D-glucan and galactomannan in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid or serum clinical samples. With both a photometry system and chemiluminescence system built in, FACIS provides rapid and reliable results for over 10 tests that use chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA) or chromogenic method, including but not limited to fungus (1-3)-β-D-glucan test, bacterial endotoxin test, Aspergillus galactomannan test Cryptococcus capsular polysaccharide test and Candida mannan test. It helps in early diagnosis and it is the key to starting effective treatment with a turnaround time (TAT) of 60 minutes.

Features of Instrument

Analysis MethodPhotometry and chemiluminescence
Sample TypesSerum, BAL, CSF
Detection time40 minutes
Wavelength range405 and 450 nm
Number of channels12
Weight47 Kg
CertificateCE, IVD
Table: Features of FACIS

Testing Parameters

Tests are performed by FACIS-1-

  • Fungus (1-3)-β-D Glucan Test
  • Aspergillus Galactomannan Test
  • Aspergillus IgG antibody Test
  • Aspergillus IgM Antibody test
  • Candida Mannan Test
  • Candida IgG Antibody assay
  • Candida IgM Antibody Test
  • Cryptococcus Capsular Polysaccharide Test
  • Bacterial Endotoxin Detection Assay

Keynotes on FACIS-1

  • FACIS-1 works on the principle of photometry and chemiluminescence.
  • It is an automation system for invasive fungal diagnostics.
  • FACIS-1 is a fully-automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system.
  • Function features of instruments are-
  1. Integrated individual reagents and consumables-It is convenient and avoids waste.
  2. Invention patient-It is a unique sample pre-treated system using micron film and has simulated sample pre-treatment process of boiling and centrifugation.
  3. Extensible platform- It is compatible with laboratory information system (LIS) connection, data transmission, and sharing.
  • It is a very useful instrument in Clinical Mycology for critical care patient treatment.

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