Hospitals in Kathmandu: Introduction, List of Hospitals, Locations, Description, Links, and Keynotes

Introduction of Hospitals in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is made up of three districts and they are Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur, together with expanding an area of 899 square kilometers. It is the largest and busiest city in Nepal and thus has numerous reputed health care and diagnostic centers.

Hospitals in Kathmandu: Introduction, List of Hospitals, Locations, Description, Links, and Keynotes

List of Hospitals in Kathmandu, Locations, Description, and Links

Hospitals in Kathmandu list, locations, descriptions, and links are given below-

S. No.Name of HospitalLocationSector (Government
DescriptionWebsite Links/Contact No
1.Bir Hospital/ National Academy of Medical
Sciences (NAMS)
GovernmentEstablished in 1889 AD
2.Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH)Maharajgunj, KathmanduGovernmentEstablished in 1882 AD
Bed: 700
It is the largest hospital in Nepal providing facilities like general OPD (Outpatient Department),
EHS (Extended Health Services), Emergency services, and In-patient service.
3.Patan Hospital/Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS)Lagankhel,
A public non-profit institutionEst.1982
Bed: 450
A public not-for-profit tertiary academic institution as well as a health care center
4. Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital/Prasuti GrihaThapathali, KTMGovernmentEstablished on 17 August 1959
Bed: 415
It is the first maternity hospital in Nepal.
5. Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital/Teku HospitalTeku, KTMGovernmentEst. 1933
Bed: 100
It is a central government hospital for training and caring the patient with infectious and tropical diseases, HIV/AIDS, rabies, snake bites, etc.
6. Kanti Children’s HospitalMaharajgunj, KathmanduGovernmentEst.1963
It is a children’s hospital.
7. Mental Hospital Lagankhel(MHL)Lagankhel,LalitpurGovernmentEst. 1985
It is a solo mental health service-providing hospital.
8. Bhaktapur Cancer HospitalDudhpati, BhaktapurGovernmentEst. 1992
Bed: 150
It is a specialized hospital in cancer treatment, study, and research.
9.Shree Birendra Hospital/Sainik Hospital/Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS)/Army HospitalChhauni, KathmanduGovernmentEst.1990 -run by Nepal Army
Bed: 635
It is a teaching hospital, tertiary level, modern, central, and referral hospital of the Nepalese Army.
10. Nepal Police HospitalPaanipokhari,
Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
GovernmentEst: 9 April 1984
It was started to provide free health services to policemen, their families, ex-policemen, and their families.
11.National Tuberculosis Centre/Nepal T.B. HospitalAraniko Highway, Madhyapur Thimi, BhaktapurGovernmentEst. 1989
This is a referral hospital for tuberculosis.
12.Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre (SGNHC)Bansbari, KathmanduGovernmentEst.10 July 1995
It is providing specialist care in the stream of cardiology and cardiac surgery. It is the first cardiac tertiary center in Nepal and is named after Gangalal Shrestha.
13.Nepal Eye HospitalTripureshwor, KathmanduA non-governmental organization (NGO)Est. March 1973
It is the first hospital in Nepal dedicated to eye care services.
14.Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (TIO)Gaushala, Bagmati Bridge, KathmanduA public non-profit institutionEst.1994
It is a not-for-profit, community-based organization for Eye Care and it is also WHO Collaborating Centre for Ophthalmology.
15.Anandaban HospitalTika Bhairab, Lele, LalitpurNGOIt is a referral hospital for leprosy and it is under The Leprosy Mission Nepal.
16.B.P. Eye Foundation (BPEF, Children’s Hospital for Eye Ear and Rehabilitation Services(CHEERS)Madhyapur Thimi Municipality 1, Lokanthali, BhaktapurNGOEst.1991
This hospital is for Children’s Eye, ENT, and Rehabilitation Services.
17.B & B HospitalGwarko, Lalitpur, NepalPrivateEST.1997
The name of this hospital from the surnames of two doctors who established the hospital and they are
Dr. Jagdish Lal Baidya and Dr. Ashok K. Banskota. It is one of the best-renowned care centers for Orthopedic surgery.
18. Civil Service HospitalMinbhawan, Kathmandu, NepalAutonomous government institution under the Ministry of General AdministrationEst. March 29, 2009
Bed: 132
It is mainly for the employees of the Nepal Government but the general public is also treated. It is also known for
its self-sustained as well as creative system.
19.Alka HospitalJawalakhel, Lalitpur, NepalPrivateEst.2005
Bed: 100
It is a super specialty hospital in the heart of the Lalitpur district. There are two buildings of Alka hospital
i.e. Alka Hospital-1 (main) and Alka Hospital-2 nearly one kilometer of distance.
20.Om Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd.Chabahil, KathmanduPrivateEst. 1996
Bed: 175
Om hospital is the pioneer in establishing In vitro fertilization (IVF) center and caters
to patients from throughout the country. It is also a referral center
for Gynaecology and Obstetrics services, Hemodialysis, Oncology, Critical Care, and Complicated Surgeries.
21.Norvic International HospitalThapathali,
PrivateIt is one of the reputed hospitals in Nepal with a team of top clinicians/doctors providing advanced healthcare services in Cardiology, Gynecology, Otorhinolaryngology/ENT, and many more.
22.Grande City HospitalJyoti Bhawan, KantipathPrivateBed:50
It is a private hospital in the heart of Kathmandu city.
23.Grande International HospitalDhapasi, KathmanduPrivateEst. February 2010
Bed: 200
It is a private multi-specialty hospital that offers preventive and curative healthcare services with 33 departments with highly trained clinicians/doctors
and paramedics ready to serve the most medical demands.
24.Vayodha HospitalsBalkhu, KathmanduPrivateIt is also a private hospital for delivering world-class healthcare with the vision of “Cure with Care”.
25.Nepal MediCiti (NMC)Bhaisepati LalitpurPrivateBed:750
It is one of the top hospitals having a world-class quaternary care facility with multiple Centers of Excellence. It is also a unit of Ashwin Medical College and Hospital.
26. Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital (NMCTH)Attarkhel, Jorpati-Sundarijal Road, Gokarneshwor 44600PrivateIt is a medical college-based hospital in Jorpati, Kathmandu.
27.Kathmandu Medical College And Teaching HospitalSinamangal, KathmanduPrivateEst. 1997
It is a medical school-based hospital located in Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal.
28.Kathmandu Cancer CenterTathali Nala Road BhaktapurPrivateEstablished in 2015
It is a cancer-treating hospital known for modern cancer care services.
29.Kathmandu Model HospitalPradarsani Marg, KathmanduNGOEst. 1993
Bed: 50
It is a tertiary care hospital with various specialty services and is also a hospital of the Public Health Concern Trust, Nepal (phect-NEPAL).
30.Kirtipur HospitalDevdhoka – 2, KritipurNGOEst. 12 April 2006
Bed: 100
It is NGO (phect-NEPAL/KMH) based hospital and proposed for Pushpalal Medical College and Teaching Hospital.
31.Hope HospitalSinamangal, KathmanduPrivateBed:100
It is one of the Sinamangal-based hospitals also known as acute care general hospitals.
32.Nagarik Community HospitalAraniko Highway, Madhyapur ThimiPrivateEst. 28 April 2009
Bed: 100
It was established by devoted social workers and doctors from Bhaktapur to serve quality health
services for the people of Bhaktapur and nearby districts.
33.Kantipur HospitalSubidhanagar Tinkune, KathmanduPrivateEst. 1997
Bed: 100
It is a private hospital located at Tinkune, Koteshwor, Kathmandu.
34.Medicare National Hospital & Research CenterChabahil Chowk, KathmanduPrivateIt is one of the reputed old private hospitals in Nepal.
35.Neuro Hospital Bansbari/Upendra Devkota Memorial National Institute of Neurological and Allied SciencesBansbari, KathmanduPrivateIt is one of the reputed first neuro-private hospitals in Nepal.
36.Annapurna Neuro Hospital/Annapurna Neurological Institue and Allied SciencesMaitighar Mandala, KathmanduPrivateEst. 2009
It is the excellent health services at an affordable cost that have enabled it to transform into a full-fledged
the hospital that provides diagnostic, preventive, and curative services.
37.Venus HospitalDevkota Sadak, Mid Baneshwor,
PrivateThis hospital is dedicated to service for better health and it is
managed by renowned senior doctors and young professionals to promote quality
health care to the general public at affordable prices and with quality modern technologies.
38.Nepal-Bharat Maitri HospitalMitrapark, Kathmandu NepalPrivateEst. 2011
Bed: 100
It is one of the excellent healthcare hospitals at an affordable cost that has evolved into a full-fledged
tertiary care center, giving diagnostic, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services.
39.Helping Hands Community HospitalChabahil Chowk, KathmanduNGOEst. 1989
Bed: 100
It is a non-profit making, charitable community hospital established under the umbrella of
Helping Hands Nepal is a non-governmental Organization (NGO).
40.Samata HospitalBoudhadwar Marg, KathmanduPrivateBed:100
It is a private hospital.
41.Swacon International Hospital Pvt. LtdRudramati Marg, Battisputali, KathmanduPrivateEst. 2012
Bed: 26
It is an International General Hospital which
is specialized in Travel Medicine, Mountain Medicine, and Sleep Care. It is also a trusted healthcare service
provider to clients of more than 500 insurance companies globally.
42.Madhyapur HospitalAraniko Highway, Madhyapur Thimi, BhaktapurPrivateIt is a general tertiary care hospital.
43.Hospital for Advanced Medicine & Surgery (HAMS)/HAMS HospitalMandikhatar Road, Dhumbarahi, KathmanduPrivateHAMS Hospital is a multi-disciplinary tertiary care boutique hospital that is serving people for more than two decades.
44.Metro Kathmandu HospitalNarayan Gopal Chowk, Maharajgunj, KathmanduPrivateIt is a multi-specialty hospital offering complete health checkups and the hospital, formerly known as Metro Polyclinic.
45.Bharosa Hospital Pvt.LtdDevkota Sadak, KathmanduPrivateIt is a private medical organization located at Devkota Sadak, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.01-4475999
46. Laligurans Hospital & Research Center Pvt.LtdTalchikhel,LalitpurPrivateLaligurans Hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd is one of the old hospitals of Lalitpur.01-5152245
47. Manmohan Memorial Medical College & Teaching Hospital/Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital (MMCH)Swoyambhu:15, KathmanduPrivateEst. 17 March 2006
Bed: 100
It is from the name of Former Prime Minister Late Manmohan Adhikari,
a great patriot and legendary leader of Nepal and South Asia.
48.Manmohan Memorial HospitalThamel Marg, KathmanduPrivateCommunity-based hospital01-5247317
49.Ganeshman Singh Memorial Hospital & Research CenterMahalaxmisthan-15,LalitpurPrivateEst. 2014
Bed: 100
This is a general hospital providing tertiary-level
clinical care, backed by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians/doctors and paramedic staff.
50. KIST Medical College Teaching Hospital/KIST HospitalMahalaxmi Municipality, Ward No 1, Lalitpur, NepalPrivateIt is one of the renowned full-flagged tertiary care facilitating private hospitals.
51. Sumeru HospitalDhapakhel, LalitpurPrivateEst. 2011
It is a private hospital with Modern Medical Technologies and remains a full-service community health-care
52.Himal hospitalThirbom Sadak, Chardobato, Gyaneshwor, KathmanduPrivateHimal Hospital is running towards a full-fledged tertiary care setup.
53.Kathmandu Valley HospitalBagdurbr, Sundhara, KathmanduPrivate‘Kathmandu Valley Hospital’ is a 100 bedded general hospital. It is also specific for providing NICU and PICU services and is on the verge of
establishing itself as a pediatric hospital with the availability of 24 hours senior pediatrician consultants.
54.Nepal Korea Friendship Municipality HospitalKorean hospital road, Madhyapur Thimi – 5, BhaktapurCommunity HospitalIt is a 50 Bedded General Hospital having the goal of improving the health status of people.
To develop the status of this hospital KOICA, Rose Club Korea and Madhyapur
Thimi Municipality is doing marvelous efforts to bring it up to a high level.
55.Everest HospitalNew Baneshwor, KathmanduPrivateEverest Hospital is a 100 bedded hospital located at Baneshwor-34, Kathmandu.
It is the best service-providing hospital in heart of Kathmandu in front of the Everest Hotel.
56.Dr. Iwamura Memorial HospitalSallaghari Ukalo -1, BhaktapurCommunity HospitalEst. 1998
Dr. IWAMURA MEMORIAL (DIM) HOSPITAL is named after the surname of the Late Dr. Noboru Iwamura was
the first Japanese Volunteer to come to Nepal under the UMN Program and served the patients
spending more than two decades. It is also a hospital for Iwamura College of Health Science.
57.Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center (MCVTC)Manmohan Cardiothoracic
Vascular and Transplant Center
TUTH Complex, Maharajgunj,
GovernmentThis hospital is under T.U. Institute of Medicine (IOM) and designated as a center of excellence in the fields of Cardiac, Thoracic, and Vascular treatment.
58.Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Hospital (MNNMH)Basundhara,
Near Tilangatar Police Station,
PrivateIt was started in 2011 by Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Foundation
(MNNMF) with the broad aim of providing basic and advanced health services
to the general people all over Nepal.
59.Chirayu National Hospital & Medical Institute Pvt. Ltd
Basundhara, KathmanduPrivateChirayu National Hospital and Medical Institute (CNHMI)is a private hospital that was established
in December 2013 providing ethical
and personalized care within an infrastructure on par with the best facility
in the country.
60.Ishan Children and Women’s HospitalBasundhara, KathmanduPrivateIshan Children and Women’s Hospital Private Limited is one of the oldest private hospitals in Kathmandu
established in 1995 AD and it is known for providing the best and most
comprehensive pediatric care before birth and until 18 years of age even though it is a multi-specialty hospital
that not only offers curative but also preventive health care services.
61.Blood HospitalJawalakhel, Lalitpur_PrivateBlood Hospital is known for ALL, AML, lymphoma, and myeloma
diagnosed and treated hospitals. Even if it is a multispecialty hospital.
62.Aarogya Multispeciality HospitalSundarnagar, Madhyapur ThimiPrivateSome common OPD services available are
General Physician, Gynae, and Obstetrician
Neurosurgery, Pediatric, Orthopedic, and Trauma, General Surgery
ENT, Cardiologist and
63.National Cardiac CentreBasundhara, KathmanduPrivateBest Heart Clinic in Kathmandu under the leadership of
senior interventional cardiologist Dr. Om Murti Anil and it is
is equipped with the most recent and highest technology medical
equipment from the world’s most renowned companies to provide highly
accurate diagnostic tests for cardiac patients and others.
Table: A list of hospitals in Kathmandu

Keynotes on Hospitals in Kathmandu

  • The Patan Hospital is a public non-profit tertiary care center also known for its neat and clean environment and it is specially packed for Quality Patient Care in Labor and Delivery.
  • TUTH is the best place for undiagnosed and critical care patients at a reasonable service charge.
  • Kathmandu is the hub of clinical laboratories and hospitals and the best place in our country for caring for patients.
  • If there is any hospital information lacking in the above list, kindly write in the comment box.

Some Related Photos of Hospitals in Kathmandu

Chirayu National Hospital

Chirayu National Hospital
Fig. Chirayu National Hospital

Ishan Children and Women’s Hospital

Ishan Children and Women's Hospital
Fig. Ishan Children and Women’s Hospital

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