Streptococcus sanguinis-Introduction, Morphology, Pathogenicity, Lab Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, and Keynotes

Streptococcus sanguinis colony morphology on blood agar of urine culture

Introduction Streptococcus sanguinis is a Gram-positive bacterium belonging to the Streptococcaceae family. It is a commensal bacterium commonly found in the human oral cavity and is part of the normal oral microbiota. While it generally coexists peacefully with its host, S. sanguinis can also play …

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CAMP Test: Introduction, Principle, Test Requirements, Procedure, Result-Interpretation,and Keynotes

CAMP Test-Positive

Introduction of CAMP Test  The CAMP test uses to identify preemptively Streptococcus agalactiae. It was first described in 1944 by Christie, Atkins, and Munch-Petersen, and the CAMP test is an acronym for their names. Principle of CAMP Test The beta lysin produced by Staphylococcus aureus is sphingomyelinase in nature, …

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