Microbiology and More Gallery: Introduction, List of Photos, and Keynotes

Human Microbiome Agar Art

Introduction of Microbiology and More Gallery Microbiology and More Gallery is a random collection hub of microbes and laboratory medicine-related footage. This is the genuine work of the author. Most of the pictures are commonly those encountered by the laboratory personnel during their working period. …

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Immunochromatographic Test (ICT): Introduction, Principle, Test Requirements, Procedure, Result -Interpretation, Uses and ICT Footages

Immunochromatographic Test (ICT): Introduction, Principle,Test Requirements, Procedure, Result -Interpretation and Uses

Introduction of Immunochromatographic Test (ICT) The full form of ICT is the immunochromatographic test and it is the most common test in the diagnostic laboratory all over the world for the rapid finding in the field of diagnosis and treatment of patients. Lateral flow assays …

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