Aspergillus flavus: Introduction, Morphology, Pathogenicity, Lab Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, and Keynotes

Aspergillus flavus colony morphology on Czapek Dox Agar plate

Introduction Aspergillus flavus is a filamentous fungus belonging to the Aspergillus genus, which comprises a wide variety of mold species. This particular species is commonly found in the environment and is known for its economic and medical significance. It is commonly associated with food and …

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Aspergillus: Introduction, Classification, Colony Morphology, Pathogenesis, Clinical Features, Lab Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

Aspergillus niger Colony Morphology on Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (SDA) after 3 days of incubation

Introduction of Aspergillus The genus Aspergillus has more than 180 species, among them, 38  are responsible to cause disease (able to grow at 37◦C. They are common in the environment. Aspergillus species are emerging pathogens which are ubiquitous molds that infect immunocompetent ( rarely) and immunocompromised …

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