Salmonella Agglutination Test: Introduction, Test Result, Test Method, Clinical Significane, and Keynotes

Salmonella Agglutination Test

Introduction The Salmonella agglutination test is a laboratory diagnostic method used to identify and serotype Salmonella based on their surface antigens. Salmonella is a genus of bacteria that includes various species, some of which can cause foodborne illnesses and gastroenteritis in humans and animals. The …

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Salmonella Typhi IgM and IgG Test: Introduction, Test Report, Test Method, Clinical Significance, Keynotes

Salmonella rapid test

Introduction The Salmonella Typhi IgM and IgG test is a serological test used to detect antibodies produced by the immune system in response to Salmonella Typhi, the bacterium responsible for causing typhoid fever. This test helps in diagnosing and confirming cases of typhoid fever, a …

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